Invitation To Groups In Grain and Oilseeds Industry

18 Mar 2014

The National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) received a request from the Maize and the Wheat Forums, on behalf of directly affected groups in the grain and oilseeds industries, for the introduction and promulgation of statutory measures, namely registration and the keeping of information and submitting monthly returns in respect of maize products, wheaten products and animal feeds.

The proposal entails that the South African Grain Information Service (SAGIS) will be responsible for the registration, as well as the collection, dissemination and distribution of the information associated with the statutory measures that are requested. SAGIS has been established as an objective and reliable provider of information, both nationally and internationally.

The two Forums agreed to propose that each seller, importer and exporter of animal feed, maize products and wheaten products should keep complete records for each calendar month in respect of animal feed, maize products and wheaten products sold, imported or exported for commercial purposes. Furthermore, that the same persons mentioned, should within 10 working days from the end of each calendar month, submit to SAGIS an accurate prescribed return in respect of animal feed, maize products and wheaten products sold, imported or exported. Every seller and exporter of animal feed should also within 10 working days from the end of each calendar month submit to SAGIS an additional accurate prescribed return in respect of animal feed raw materials added to or used in the production or manufacturing of animal feed. Responsible persons include any person who acts in the capacity of the persons mentioned above.

There is currently no statutory measure regarding the registration of sellers, importers and exporters of animal feed, animal feed raw materials, maize products and wheaten products, nor any statutory measure to compel the keeping of records and submission of returns in respect of such products. The information to be obtained in terms of the statutory measures is deemed to be essential for the market to operate effectively.

Information on the sale, import and export of maize products, wheaten products and animal feed is crucial for the effective operation of the maize and wheat markets and for market participants to be able to plan properly. The supply of generic market information to all role-players, on a continuous basis, is therefore essential. The maintenance of macro industry information is regarded as critical for strategic planning by the maize and wheat industries, as well as for individual directly affected groups.

The statutory measures, if approved, will come into operation as soon as approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, for a period of four years.Directly affected groups in the grain and oilseeds industries are kindly requested to submit any comments regarding the proposed statutory measures to the NAMC in writing (fax 012 341 1811/012 341 1911 or e-mail to before or on 7 March 2014, to enable the
Council to formalise its recommendation to the Minister in this regard.

Enquiries: Ms Lizette Mellet
National Agricultural Marketing Council
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