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September 2011 marked 50 years of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa existence. The Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) is the professional organisation of agricultural economists in South Africa. It was established in 1961 and has more than 500 members.

In 2007, AEASA joined partnership with NAMC to from an administrative function based at NAMC offices. The NAMC was tasked to inter alia perform the following administrative duties for AEASA (a) maintain the AEASA membership database (b) update and follow up on membership fees and lastly (c) prepare AEASA financial statements.

AEASA's shared vision is that its products and services should support all agricultural economists active in the industry irrespective of race, language, gender, career choice and educational level. Thus, the objectives of AEASA are;

  • To promote training, research and interest in Agricultural Economics.
  • To promote the applications of the scientific principles of Agricultural Economics in order to solve agricultural, rural and relevant national problems in Southern Africa.
  • To improve liaison between agricultural economists at regional, national and international levels.
  • To promote the interests of agricultural economists in terms of activities as envisaged in Article 3 of the constitution.


Agrekon first debuted in 1962 and was one of the class projects of Mr S.J.J Swart focusing on matters related to the Department of Agriculture, Control Boards and other organizations. The second tier approach was to ‘public research results in order to stimulate scientific debate.’ Since then, Agrekon has evolved and aims to promote research and discussions on agricultural economic issues related to southern Africa. It includes disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and problem orientated work.

AEASA statement of intent also solidified areas to guide Editors of the Journal;

a) Cover disciplinary topics in economics applied to problems in the agricultural and food sector
b) Cover multi-disciplinary or subject matter topics that bring together relevant evidence and information about food and agricultural sector.
c) Publish articles dealing with problem solving in all aspects of the sector, including farm management, agricultural extension, marketing and market development and decision making in farming, government, private enterprises and research institutions. 


AEASA Management - 2011/2012 – 2012/2013
Dr Sheryl Hendricks (President) 
Dr Litha Magingxa (Vice- President) 
Mmatlou Kalaba (Secretary/Treasurer) 
Prof Andre Jooste (Agrekon Editor) 
Simphiwe Ngangweni  (Newsletter Editor)
Phineas Chauke (Additional Member)
Bennie Grove (Additional Member)


Contact Mashudu Siobo:  or tel 012 341 1115


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