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In 2009 the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) together with the NAMC participated in the Agribenchmark exercise and contributed a total of four South African farms to the network. The regions from where the typical farms were taken were carefully selected with respect to their geographic location and overall representation of the typical farms for the specific region in South Africa.

Participation and membership of the Agri-benchmark network bring with it numerous benefits. Not only does the South African contingent gain access to data from all the other member countries, but members have the opportunities to create their own networks with colleagues from other countries, strengthening ties and creating the opportunities for future collaboration on various research activities. The value of the Agribenchmark network has been so well received by the local partners, that in 2010 a local network with a similar structure and trend will be attempted in South Africa. Industry colleagues have already expressed interest in participating in such a network and with the help and guidance of the Agribenchmark headquarters, such a network will hopefully be established successfully.

Currently, the University of Free State in partnership with NAMC jointly runs the Agribenchmark project. The project involves international comparisons of income and costs pertaining to beef production and encompasses international trade data. The project ensures that accurate farm and other data is gathered in a timely manner and submitted to Agribenchmark according to the deadlines required by agribenchmark.