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In 20 November 2012, the NAMC together with the Chris Hani District Municipality entered into an agreement to form a partnership and support for the Red Meat Development Programme and other development schemes in the Municipality.

This partnership is focused on providing small holders farmers and low income communities with technical support and expertise in the establishment of Red Meat Programme and other development schemes. This is in a way to provide and stimulate economic development and growth in the region. The Municipality provides full funding for the project.

As per the terms of the MOA, the NAMC undertakes to conduct the following;

  • Assist small holder farmers to participate in NRMDP.
  • Assist small holder farmers to participate and grow key cash crops such as Maize, Sorghum, Sunflower, Paprika and other high value crops.
  • Assist small holder stock farmers to participate in High Value Programmes for fibres such as wool, mohair and cashmere through specific and dedicated programs.
  • Assist the existing Irrigation Schemes to establish and maintain High Value crops such as Lucerne, Eragrostis and Soya Beans.

The NAMC provides quarterly submissions as to the progress of the initiatives to the Municipality.