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Presentations - 2016

Title Size
Fresh Produce Exporters Forum 2017 722KB
GI- NAMC Workshop 1.3MB
K Bez 1_03_2017 722KB
Mildred Pheeha - DAFF GI regulations 722KB
AGOA erosion - NAMC Seminar 794KB
An Economic evaluation of the NRMDP in the eastern cape Province, South Africa 1.3MB
Assessment of factors Affecting The participation Of Small holder farmers in Agro-processing Industries of Gauteng Province 1.1MB
Leadership in the public sector joyene August2016 2MB
Measurng and tracking smallholder market access in South Africa 1.3MB
South Africa's seed availability 647KB
Swaziland Qualitative results on Seed Situation assessment 1.9MB
The mpat of extension services on market information in Smallholder farmers 908KB
The value of Consumer Education or pomotion fofr South Africa's Pork industry 536KB
Triple-Difference Approach 1MB

Presentations - 2015

Title Size
AEASA_NTBs in agricultural trade Willlemien Wiljoen 385KB
Agriculture -The big Picture Mr B Nyhodo 1.1MB
Fruit and grains trade Peformance-Ms Yolanda Potelwa 820KB
Intra-Afric in Agric Products Ron Sandrey 703KB
SACU Agr -Ron Sandrey 405KB
Economic Models 1MB

Presentations - 2014

Title Size
Situating South Africa’s infrastructural development plans in a Southern Africa regional context. Presented to Workshop on Infrastructure Investments in the Agriculture Sector. AEASA Conference 470 KB
Economic review: infrastructure investment and an economy 423 KB
Assessing infrastructure investments in agriculture and identifying infrastructure gaps - John Purchase Agbiz 29 September 2014 2MB
NAMC Workshop at AEASA Conference 2014. Strategic Integrated Project (SIP 11) – Agro-Logistics and Rural Infrastructure 2MB
AEASA Presentation - The cost implications of complying with the EU Citrus Black Spot Requirements 514 KB
Formulating the least cost feeding strategy of a custom feeding programme – a linear programming approach 5MB
South Africa is actively involved in responding to climate change challenges but it was not clear to what extent CSA and its basic principles are understood and implemented by the different role players in the country 1MB
Validation workshop on Climate Smart Agric and Post harvest handling 953KB
Control of Animal Disease in Mozambique: Case of the Poultry Subsector 564 KB
Assessment of Carbon Emissions Embodied in South Africa Fruit Supply Chains 1 MB
Farmers’ perceptions on climate change & use of weather forecasts in farm decision making: The case of Makhathini Flats Cotton Farmers 812 KB

Presentations - 2013

Title Size
Youth Dialogue Invited Presentation 2.90 MB
Youth Dialogue Invited Presentation 2 121.08 KB
Youth Dialogue Main Presentation 702.21 KB

Presentations - 2012

Title Size
Africa's Trade and the MDCs: Are they common friends 786.24 KB
Farmer Development Programme Unknown

Presentations - 2011

Title Size
2011 Fairtrade Africa External FTSA Cape Town 1.59 MB
Administered And Regulated Prices 1.67 MB
Economics of Climate Change 1.90 MB
Food Security Vulnerability in SA - Limpopo 1.24 MB
Nkomamonta Organic Producers Case Study 1.25 MB
Pomegranate Changing Consumer Behaviour Restoring Its Popularity 2.11 MB
SA Food Prices Inflation (why the fuss) 512.00 KB
Structure of the South African Fertiliser Industry 1.06 MB
Subsistance livestock farmers 623.50 KB
Workshop summary Africa Food and Nutrition Day 2011 909.85 KB

Presentations - 2010

Title Size
Agricultural contribution to employment, including growth and food security 473.82 KB
CBI Presentation 1.62 MB
Comparison of Statutory Measures Applicable in SA and Australia 772.50 KB
Diagnostic Analysis of the Value Chain of Selected Product Lines 1.07 MB
Farm Assurance – A new approach 2.45 MB
Food Insecurity in South Africa 1.26 MB
Food Quality Report 211.05 KB
Generic Promotional Campaigns for Agricultural Products 343.50 KB
Measuring Poverty, Deprivation and Service Delivery - Eastern Cape 2.47 MB
OECD Analysis of Agricultural Policies in Member Countries 2.21 MB
The effect of Agricultural Inputs on the Price of Food 1.56 MB
Trade Centre Supply Chain and Logistics Development Programme 217.12 KB
Trade Relationship between SA and Chile 182.17 KB
Trouble in the Land of Plenty 235.66 KB
Wheat tariff 77.66 KB

Presentations - 2009

Title Size
AEASA PRESENTATION SA and China – Agriculture Trade Relationship 119.22 KB
Agricultural Commodity, Food and Input Price Trends 959.02 KB
Agricultural Policy Lessons in SA 3.03 MB
Agricultural Subsidies 780.50 KB
Assessment of Contractual Agreements for Agri Market access in SA 1.70 MB
BFAP Agribenchmark Project Presentation 351.62 KB
Cash Crop Conference 1.13 MB
Farmer Controlled Businesses in SA 126.71 KB
Food and Input Price trends 1.14 MB
Lets SAMBA - AEASA 383.70 KB
LEVSA Organic 52.96 KB
OECD - South Africa's Trade 1.27 MB
SADC - Regional Food Reserve Facility 297.00 KB
Subsidies in Agriculture - Are they goo/bad 46.73 KB
The Marine Fisheries Sub Sector Study 1.81 MB
The Namibian Small Stock Marketing Scheme 385.63 KB

Presentations - 2008

Title Size

Presentations - 2007

Title Size
Agri Benchmark Beef Conference 2.45 MB