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Commodity / Product Studies - 2015

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Agricultural economics research in South Africa’s public sector: the role of the NAMC – Dr. Simphiwe Ngqangweni


Commodity / Product Studies - 2014

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Overall prospects remain positive despite challenges from rising costs and policy reform. Both beef and lamb prices as well as costs on the rise / agri benchmark Beef and Sheep network has unique data for global comparisons


Commodity / Product Studies - 2012

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The South African Tomato Value Chain 2.99 MB
Edit Potato Case Study Of A Successful Black Farmer 1.07 MB
SA Dairy Value Chain Desktop Study 1.93 MB
SA Mohair Industry - Processes, Role players Opportunities and Challenges 2.04 MB
South African Seed Industry - a Desktop Study 3.14 MB
Supply Chain and Logistics Development Programme (SCLP) Unknown

Commodity / Product Studies - 2011

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Cost Of Grape Production and Producer Profitability 943.19 KB
Lanchenalia Impact Study - Nov 2011 903.06 KB
NAMC Soybean Industry and Competitiveness Study 1.39 MB
Workshop summary Africa Food and Nutrition Day 2011 909.85 KB

Commodity / Product Studies - 2010

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FAO-NAMC Expert Consultation on the Role of Commodity 836.52 KB
Food Quality Behaviour, Perceptions and Knowledge OF SA Report 211.05 KB
Increase Of Current Statutory Levies In The Wine Industry 283.20 KB
Integration and Efficiency in Maize 372.57 KB
Linking Farmers to Markets and Rural Poverty in Southern Africa 1.06 MB
Linking Farmers to Markets in Rural SA through Supply Chain Management 115.72 KB
Maize Milling Industry in Rural Areas In SA 3.21 MB
Ostrich Value Chain Report 2.15 MB
Pork and Broiler Industry Supply Chain Study 8.58 MB
Statutory Measures On Export Volumes Of Cultivated Fynbos Products 269.22 KB
Wheat Milling and Baking Industries in Rural Areas in SA Unknown

Commodity / Product Studies - 2009

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Potato Study: A Competitive analysis of the Potato Industry in South Africa 1.46 MB
Agricultural Futures Market for Grains & Oilseed in South Africa 5.09 MB
BFAP REPORT Agribenchmark 2009 351.62 KB
Competitiveness of Selected Commercial Milk Producers 746.89 KB
Farmer Controlled Businesses in South Africa (NAMC- FSU) 569.20 KB
Fresh Produce Markets Global Trends 419.67 KB
Functioning of the Agricultural Futures Market in South Africa 2.66 MB
How can SA Exploit New Opportunities in Agricultural Export Markets 828.15 KB
Impact of Namibian Small Stock Marketing Scheme on South Africa 1.45 MB
Production cost of wine grapes 1.13 MB
Role of NGOs in Linking Farmers to Markets (FAO – NAMC) 1.58 MB
Workshop Report on Contract Farming in Africa (NAMC-FAO) 5.43 MB

Commodity / Product Studies - 2008

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BEE in the wine industry 380.59 KB
South African Fruit and Wine Climate Change Program 599.35 KB
Tshakhuma Research 110.28 KB

Commodity / Product Studies - 2007

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Capacity and Prospects for Robertson Wine Cooperative 667.11 KB
India, Brazil and South African (IBSA) Triangular Trading Relationship 549.06 KB
Subsector Study: Chicken Meat 593.85 KB
Subsector Study: Decidious Fruit 1.07 MB
Subsector Study: Potatoes 536.21 KB

Commodity / Product

Studies - 2006

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Impact of RSA Class 1 Exports 828.79 KB
Opportunities in the Russia Fruit Market 671.12 KB

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