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Ministerial Trustees

The 1968 Marketing Act provided for the agricultural Schemes and agricultural boards for each commodity. These schemes provided for marketing arrangements and legislation for agricultural products in South Africa. The main purpose of these schemes was to protect the primary producers from excessive price fluctuations, thereby ensuring their long-term economic survival. The schemes specified, amongst other issues, the composition of the boards, financing of the boards, regulation of the various marketing issues such as exports and imports, levies, pools, price determination etc. The boards administered statutory levies that were used to fund all functions and board activities. During the 1980s, large subsidies were paid to farmers in the form of drought aid and other disaster payments.

In 1996, the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, Act No. 47 (MAP Act). ) was compiled and approved. Section 27(2) of the MAP Act stipulates that schemes established under the 1968 Act shall be valid for a period of one year after the first meeting of the NAMC (6 January 1997) or until it is repealed by the Minister – whichever occurs first. Subsequently, all the boards submitted business plans in terms of Section 26(1) of the MAP Act to the NAMC for ministerial approval, which detailed new industry structures within which the activities of the various industries would be performed after the vacation of the schemes. The new structures included section 21 and Trusts.

The business plans were approved by the Minister, which stipulated the formation of the respective Trusts, its objectives, and representation on the Trust as well as any transfer of boards’ funds to the Trusts, subject to Ministerial approval. These business plans were accompanied by the respective Trust deeds. The Trust deeds contain the objectives of each Trust, which govern the management and operations of the Trusts.


There are currently 12 Industry Trusts, each managed by a board of trustees appointed based on their expertise with the specific agricultural commodity by the Trust. In each of the Industry Trusts, there are ministerial trustees, who are appointed to represent the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Currently, we have 26 ministerial trustees. These trustees are specially delegated to ensure that government priorities are addressed in line with the objectives of the Trust deeds.

The ministerial trustee representation in some of the Trust is 50 %, while other namely; Cotton SA, Mohair Trust, National Lucerne Trust, Oil Protein and Seed Development Trust, Potato Trust, Sorghum Trust and Wool Trust each have one ministerial trustee.

Current Ministerial Trustees

Citrus Trust Ms H. Ngwenya (Vice Chairperson)
Ms P. Motlogeloa
Mr A. Sithole
30 May 2019
30 May 2019
30 April 2018
Deciduous Fruit Industry Development Trust Mr I. Motala (Chairperson)
Ms M. Rangaka
Mr E. Jephtas
Mr J. Sauls
30 May 2014
National Lucerne Trust Ms M. Gill 30 June 2016
Maize Trust Mr S. Ndlungwane (Chairperson)
Mr Z. Ngejane
Ms M. Mabe
30 June 2020
Meat Industry Trust Dr V T. Penxa
Mr M. Mlengana
Dr P. Maduna
30 June 2020
Mohair Trust Mr T Mashologu 30 November 2018
Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust Mr G. Rathogwa 28 February 2018
Potato Industry Development Trust Mr S. M. Mabuza 31 May 2018
Sorghum Trust Mr H. Mohane 30 June 2019
Winter Cereal Trust Mr N. Masithela (Chairperson)
Mr A. Bartlett
Mr T. Make
Ms M. Mabe
Ms M. Maphanga
Mr V. Mongoato
31 June 2019
SA Wine Industry Trust Ms S. Marco-Thyse (Chairperson)
Mr B. Stemmet
Ms F. Shabodien
Mr W. Williams
Wool Trust Ms N. Dlula 30 June 2019