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Cotton Trust

The main objectives of the Cotton SA Trust as per the Trust Deed are as follows:

  • Financing the stimulation and promotion of cotton production, demand and consumption
  • Financing the stimulation and promotion of research
  • Financing the provision, distribution and dissemination of information, and
  • Rendering assistance by means of a grant or loan or any other manner to any person or institution established to promote any branch of the agricultural industry which relates to cotton and which has similar objectives as the Cotton SA Trust.

The Cotton SA Trust basically has only one main asset, namely the Cotton SA Building, established by the former Cotton Board from cotton farmer levies. Rental income from the leasing of office space in the building is therefore its main source of income.

Apart from three cleaners, the Cotton SA Trust has no other personnel and therefore conducts no activities or projects as such, except to provide funding to beneficiaries, Cotton SA, a section 21 c ompany, being the main beneficiary. Cotton SA should be seen as the executive arm of the Cotton SA Trust as its objectives are the same as those of the Trust. The Trust’s income should be regarded as an extension of the statutory levy on cotton lint administered by Cotton SA.

Composition of the Trust
The board is comprised of six (6) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr P Potgieter (Chairman) Producers
Mr TJ Buthelezi Emerging Cotton farmer
Mr A N Kuhn Producers
Mr M Maree Cotton ginners
Mr E Crouse Cotton spinners
Mr SM Ngxongo Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries