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National Lucerne Trust

The former Lucerne Seed Board’s functions were taken over by the National Lucerne Organisation (NLO), a Section 21 Company established for the purpose of assuring the sustainable production of Lucerne by means of innovation and cost-effective marketing. The mission of the NLO is to stabilise and grow the Lucerne industry by providing sound marketing principles, practical services, and distributing meaningful information to Lucerne producers, traders and end users.

Statutory measures were implemented in the beginning of 2004 to compel parties to register with the NLO and to keep records and submit returns so that information could be collected. Little success was achieved by this measure as the industry is reluctant to register as they would be required to pay the voluntary levies to the NLO. The industry is further not convinced that they will receive benefits and opportunities through having accurate and reliable market information.

The Lucerne Seed Commodity Trust was established in 1996. The main objective of the Trust is the promotion and development of the Lucerne industry by means of financing the following:


  • Research projects related to Lucerne
  • Gathering and dissemination of data related to production and marketing of Lucerne
  • The provision of accurate and relevant information to the industry
  • Co-coordinating contact between producers, traders, consumers, cleaners and government institutions, and
  • The promotion of Lucerne.

The board is comprised of seven (7) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr H.W.F Potgieter (Chairperson) Lucerne Seed Producers
Mr A. Swiegers (Vice-Chairman) Lucerne Hay Traders
Mr R. Roselt Lucerne Seed Trade
Mr D.E Malan Lucerne Seed Cleaners
Mr P.J Van Niekerk Lucerne Hay Producers
Ms M.M Gill Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Mr R. Strydom Small-scale Farmers