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Mohair Trust

The Mohair Trust was established to perform functions aimed at advancing the entire mohair industry. The Trust’s vision is to seek international partnerships and alliances that will enhance the consumption of mohair, and lead to sustainable demand and profitability for all role players.

The Trust’s main objectives are to manage the assets in such a way that income is optimised for the advancement of the mohair industry through the promotion of mohair production within the Republic of South Africa, and the stimulation of the demand for mohair inside and outside of South Africa.

In support of the main objectives, the Trust has the following supplementary objectives:

  • Promotion and maintenance of quality standards
  • Promotion of international relations which will serve to benefit the mohair industry
  • Market development and liaison between producers, dealers, brokers, purchasers and manufacturers of mohair
  • Collection, processing and dissemination of reliable marketing and production statistics in respect of mohair
  • Research and production promotion of mohair
  • Granting financial assistance
    (a) with regard to research related to the improvement, production, manufacturing, storage and marketing of mohair
    (b) to institutions established or which arise to promote the mohair business
  • Establishment of an information service in order to periodically inform producers regarding general marketing conditions or regarding the state of the mohair industry in particular;
  • Financial assistance shall be granted in order to promote stability in the mohair industry, to
    (a) producers through mechanisms which may include –
    (i) the provision and implementation of a floor price system through producers’ voluntary participation; and
    (ii) the operation of voluntary marketing pools for the sale of mohair;
    (b) promote the demand for mohair through developing markets via an institution or institutions, provided that financial assistance in respect of (a) above shall be submitted for evaluation and approval in terms of Section 17 of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (No. 47 of 1996).

The board is comprised of eight (8) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr D.W. Herold (Chairperson) Large Scale Mohair Farmers
Mr R.J. Smith Brokers-BKB
Mr P Stucken Mohair processors
Mr C. Martins Mohair Farm Workers
Mr M. Shires Ram Breeders’ Associations
Mr A. Greeff Mohair Growers’ Association
Mr T. Mashologu Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries