Oil & Protein Seeds Development Trust

The Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust was established in 1997. The Trust was established to receive and administer certain investment assets and, in particular, the assets of the said Oilseeds Board, for the benefit of the beneficiaries. In terms of the trust deed, the beneficiaries comprise any capital or income beneficiary that is entitled to any benefits in liaison with role players involved in the Oil Seeds Industry.

The main Trust objectives are the promotion and development of the Oil Seeds Industry in South Africa by:

  • The financing of research projects relating to the improvement, production, hoarding, processing or marketing of oilseeds
  • The financing for the provision of information and advisory services to the Oil Seeds Industry with regard to the production of Oil Seeds and marketing conditions.
  • Investment and conservation of the assets of the trust
  • Productive utilisation of the assets of the trust from time to time in such a manner that the real value is maintained or increased as much as far as possible, and
  • The financing of market access or of any further conduct which is in the interest of the Oil Seeds Industry, provided that it is in accordance with the objects and purposes of the Act.


The board is comprised of seven (7) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr A.R Moosa (Chairperson) Oil Seeds Processors’ Industry 
Mr J.D Boshoff (Vice-chairperson) Oil Seeds Trading Industry 
Mr J.J Minnaar Commercial Producers of Oil Seeds 
Mr R.E Monaisa Developing Producers of Oil Seeds 
Mr D.I Schutte Labour involved in the Oil Seeds Industry  
Mr M.G Rathogwa Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 
Ms M. van der Merwe Consumers of Oilseeds  


Trustees are appointed by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee after taking into account proposals or nominations made by the relevant directly affected group. This, however, excludes the representative of the Minister of Agriculture, which trustee is designated and appointed by the said Minister.