Potato Industry Development Trust

The Potato Industry Development Trust was established by Potato SA with the primary objective to receive statutory levies in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 ( Act 47 of 1996) and to authorise expenditure as set out in the levy announcement from time to time, which includes the following:

  • Basic as well as applied agricultural research, including potato cultivar development and evaluation, and the dissemination of all relevant technical information
  • The gathering, processing, analysing and compiling of industry-related information, including market statistics, and the dissemination thereof
  • The creation of market access for emerging farmers (small and medium scale), including development projects related to the potato production marketing chain, and
  • The development of foreign markets for South African potatoes and generic promotions of potatoes.

The board is comprised of five (5) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr G.E. Yzel (Chairperson);  Potatoes South Africa 
Dr F.I. du Plooy;  Potato Research 
Ms S.E. Moolman ;  Potato Industry Forum 
Mr W.M. Fourie;  Audito 
Mr S.M. Mabuza ;  Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries