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Wool Trust

The Wool Trust was established on 13 August 1997. The strategic vision of the Trust is to achieve sufficient capital growth and income generation to maximise the funding of activities that benefit the wool industry and the role players involved both at producer and pipeline level on a long-term, sustainable basis.

The strategic objectives of the Wool Trust are:

(a) The protection of the Trust assets and the Trust capital;
(b) The productive utilisation of the assets and capital of the Trust so as to increase the value thereof and to maximise the income;
(c) The enhancement of the viability of the South African wool industry through the financing of:

  • • Research in connection with the improvement, production, manufacturing, processing, storage or marketing of wool, and/or
  • • Activities designed to promote wool production and stimulate and increase the demand for and consumption of South African wool, and/or
  • • Providing information and advisory services to producers relating to the production of wool, marketing conditions and the wool industry generally, and/or
  • • The provision of training and information to existing and prospective wool producers.

The board is comprised of seven (7) trustees:

Trustee Representing
Mr H.N. Bonner   Financial management specialist – Producer 
Mr A.R. Kidson   Financial management specialist – Producer 
Mr P.E. Kingwill (Chairperson)   Wool producers from directly affected group 
Mr J.P. Stucken   Directly affected group involved in distribution, marketing and early stage processing of wool 
Ms N.O. Sigidi   Wool producers from directly affected group  
Mr H.A. van Schalkwyk   Financial management specialist 
Mr N. Dlula   Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries