Industry Transformation Support

Through the Council, the Transformation Review Committee (TRC) was established in 2014, to independently review, comment and provide inputs to the transformation business plans supplied by the industries; to monitor the transformation activities supported by the industries, and to establish how government can collaborate with industries in support of transformation.

The Committee was established to independently monitor the administration and utilization of the 20% transformation levy income and expenditure. Furthermore, ensure that industries adhere with the NAMC guidelines in spending the 20% levy fund.

Status Report on Agricultural Industry Trusts 2015/16 Survey

During the deregulation process of the agricultural boards and the establishment of industry trusts, the Department of Agriculture maintained various agricultural schemes, which were administered by the industry agricultural boards.

The Possibility of Transformation in the Agriculture Sector

On 23 November 2015, the transformation proposal on enterprise development was accepted by SAPPO, and farmers with a minimum of 20 sows were selected.