Gerhardus Schutte

Educational Background: Master in Agriculture, Baccalaureus Honours in Agriculture Animal Nutrition, Bachelor of Science Agriculture.

Board: Member of CEO’s Forum, Member of National Agricultural Research Forum, Trustee (Meat Industry Trust, Red Meat Research and Development Trust, Animal Improvement Trust), Manager – National Stock Theft Prevention Forum, Chairman – Planning Committee Beef and Small Stock of Red Meat Research and Development.

Experience/ Knowledge: Mr Schutte is a Chief Executive Officer Red Meat Producers Organisation and was honoured with the President’s Award by the South African Society of Animal Science for contributing to the delivery of Animal Science and the Livestock.

In the 26 years of experience at RPO, Mr Schutte has worked with the following meat industries; red meat, pork, game ranching and feedlot in which he provided secretariat support.  He has been invited to lecture on commercial red meat production internationally. He is a part time commercial beef farmer and has also ventured into business in the horticulture industry.

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