About Y-Agriculture

The Youth-Agriculture programme dubbed Y-Agriculture was developed in 2014 to enhance the agriculture sector’s corporate career offerings and to promote skills development. The programme was designed by the National Agricultural Marketing Council in close collaboration with AgriSETA.

The purpose of Y-Agriculture is to attract the youth of South Africa to agriculture and address the lack thereof of job opportunities. Critically, overall challenges facing the sector in failure to attract the youth include;

  • Lack of sufficient access to information, knowledge and education about agriculture at secondary level.
  • Most learners from non-agricultural schools do not have access to agriculture subjects as they are excluded in their syllabus.
  • The inadequate preparation of learners by tertiary institutions for work environment.

Y-Agriculture initiative is a conceptual model that seeks to rectify the above-mentioned challenges by introducing programmatic support such as the variables below:

  • Career Guidance;
  • Bursaries;
  • Internship and;
  • Workplace

The Y-Agriculture has four unique components all geared towards promoting careers in agriculture and positioning the industry as a major player in South Africa’s top career index. The model encourages companies and agribusinesses to a) conduct career guidance at secondary levels, b) provide bursaries to the identified learners to study agriculture, c) tertiary mentorship where during school breaks learners are assisted on the curriculum and provided practical experience and d) offer a year’s internship where the bursary holder works for the organisation and is mentored. All this will contribute towards a positive corporate agriculture professional.

Y Agriculture Gala Dinner 18 November 2016