Nonie Mokose

Board Appointments: Current NAMC – Member of Council, Audit & Risk Committee, African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program SA –  Director. Previous – NAMC Smallholder Market Access Tracker Reference Group Member (SMAT) (2016 to 2017), Agri Mega NPC – Chairperson (2013 to 2015), Agri Mega Enterprises – Director (2012 to 2015), Potato Industry Development Trust (PIDT) Ministerial Trustee (2010 to 2015), Potatoes South Africa (PSA)- Member of National Council, Board, Marketing Committee, Chairperson: Transformation Committee (2008 to 2015)

Memberships: African Farmers Association of SA (AFASA) and Agricultural Economics Association of SA (AEASA)

Education and background: MAgric. Rural Development University of Pretoria (finalising dissertation), McDonalds International Quick Service Restaurant Management Certification McDonalds Corporation, BSc. Nutritional Sciences Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Ms. Mokose is an experienced executive, and an established entrepreneur in primary agriculture and the food industry. She is an entrepreneur focused in primary production and was previously involved in secondary production of pork meat products. Her experience includes strategy formulation, strategic planning including implementing enterprise strategic plans.

As a trained nutritionist, her career has primarily been centred in food based industries through her involvement in FMCG marketing, retail buying, product development, and market development. Her experience in the agricultural sector includes primary agricultural production, sustainable agricultural development targeting the empowerment and development of women and youth in particular and marketing.

Acknowledged as the Gauteng Female Farmer of the Year (2009) and national commercial category winner (2009), her leadership credentials attracted organisations such as John Deere to form part of a team to design a strategy addressing sustainable smallholder to commercial farmer development and implementation across different African regions.Further, she led a team supporting SAB in developing and mentoring smallholder barley and maize farmers, under irrigation and dry-land production, to commercial production.

Ms. Mokose is also involved in agricultural research development and engaged in academic study on empowerment of smallholder farmers. In 2016, she presented a paper at the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) on Tracking Smallholder Market Access in SA.  She was a member of a development team, charged with developing an innovative software solution to support the incubation, management and funding facilitation of smallholder farmers.

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