Region: Eastern Cape, Amathole District, Mnquma Municipality

Sector: Primary Agriculture (Aquaculture)

The site has an area of 26.4 ha of land which will be divided into two sub-zones, namely an abalone and marine finfish farming sub-zones. The sites will accommodate multiple users or farms within the same area. Both sub-zones will have a multi-species hatchery, grow-out, research and support facilities in the same vicinity. The locals employed in the project will receive training in various fields such as aquaculture, life skills, financial management and business management among others on site.

It is planned that aquaculture hatcheries, production and processing facilities among others will be established by the private sector. Once the ADZ/P is developed and operating at full capacity it is expected that 1000 to 5000 tons of fish will be produced. The indirect jobs will be created through secondary activities such as transportation of aquaculture products to different markets, maintenance and feed manufacturing, processing, service sector, etc.

The Qolora anchor project is situated at Amathole District, Mnquma Municipality within the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape approximately 60 km northeast of East London.


Ms Khumo Morake (Director Aquaculture Technical Services)

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Tel: 021 402 3038

Email: KhumoM@daff.gov.za /  khumomorake@yahoo.com

Ms Lisa Geswindt (Deputy Director: Investment Promotion)

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Aquaculture Operation Phakisa Unit

Tel:021 402 3331

Email: LisaG@daff.gov.za / Lisa.Geswindt@gmail.com