Agro-Food Chains

Supply and Demand

The South African Supply & Demand Estimates (SASDE) Report is published by the South African Grain and Oilseeds Supply and Demand Estimates Committee on a monthly basis, which was established in 2012 under the coordination of the NAMC.

Food Basket Price Monthly

The Food Basket Price Monthly (FBPM) reports the latest Stats SA headline and Food & Non-alcoholic beverages CPI as well as year-on-year changes in the nominal cost of the NAMC basic food basket, on a monthly basis.

Food Price Monitor

The Food Price Monitor (FPM) reports the latest Stats SA headline and Food & Non-alcoholic beverages CPI of South Africa and selected countries; compares urban and rural prices in South Africa; monitors international food prices; and estimates the possible impact on domestic consumers.


The Farm-to-Retail-Price-Spread (FTRPS) publication provides more insight into the factors driving commodity and food price margins. It supplies information on FTRPS on the wheat-to-bread, maize-to-maize meal, beef, poultry, lamb, pork and milk value chains.

Input Cost Monitoring

The Input Cost Monitoring Report is published quarterly by the NAMC. The March 2018 Issue presents an update of international and local prices of selected agricultural input item, namely fertilizers, fuel, freight and logistics.

Macroeconomic Digest

The Macroeconomic Digest is a quarterly publication that evaluates averages or trends of selected macro indicators in the South African economy. This report publishes selected macroeconomic indicator including GDP and employment.

Food Cost Review

This publication provides more insight into the complex factors driving commodity and food prices, emanating from the recommendations by the Food Pricing Monitoring Committee in 2003 to monitor food prices in South Africa on a regular basis.

Other Agro-Food Chain Research

This publication contains all other Other Agro-Food Chain Research.



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