The Markets and Economic Research Centre (MERC) was established in 2007 as part of the transformation of NAMC and expanding its functions to enable it to dispense more evidence-based markets and economic advice to the Minister and other stakeholders. MERC is an economic and market research programme that tracks economic trends, provides market information and undertakes marketing policy research. Its research focuses on three main focus areas in line with the strategic objectives of the NAMC: agro-food chains and markets; trade and; smallholder market access.


Agro-Food Chains

Farm-to-retail price releases, monthly, quarterly and annual food price analyses,grains supply and demand estimates reports.

Smallholder Market Access

Studying factors contributing to successful access to agri-markets, especially for smallholder farmers and new entrants.


This focus area undertakes studies on current and potential export markets for South African products.



This platform is created to share articles, working papers and books published in peer-reviewed and popular platforms by NAMC staff and their partners.


NAMC invites in-house and external commentators to write commentary on topical matters that affect the South African agricultural sector and the broader economy.

The Trumpet Research Newsletter

The Trumpet is an economic research newsletter established as an alternative option for stakeholders to access research outputs of the NAMC. The newsletter seeks to summarise latest research along with communicating information on recent and upcoming events of interest to our stakeholders.



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