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Performance Information Reporting Function (Reference No.: HRREC006/23)

Type of Position: 3 years Secondment to the Office of the CEO, FOR INTERNAL EMPLOYEES ONLY
Closing Date: 02 July 2023
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To apply for the position, please forward your CV, Job Application Form and relevant documents to

Sanlam Umbrella Fund - Participating Employer Administration Guide

This administration guide summarises the process and timeframe that follows after an employer has signed an application to join the Sanlam Umbrella Fund. The employer must nominate a contact person at his/her office, who will be dealing with Sanlam Umbrella Solutions on a day-to-day basis. All correspondence from Sanlam will be directed to this contact person.

Sanlam Umbrella Fund - THE FUND IN DETAIL

This document summarises the terms and conditions of participation in the Standard and Comprehensive product options of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund (“the Fund”) as applicable at the date of publication. These terms and conditions apply from 1 July 2022 to all participating employers in the Fund. The document may be amended from time to time with 30 days’ notice to the participating employers.