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What is AAMP?

AAMP is the product of a social compact between labour, government, civil society, and industry. It aims to promote inclusive growth, competitiveness, transformation, employment, and food security.

What is the mission of the AAMP?

The vision of the AAMP is to build a growing, equitable, inclusive, competitive, job-creating, low-carbon and sustainable agriculture and agro-processing sectors. This is underpinned by a theory of change that places premium on overcoming duality in the sector while enabling greater inclusion and participation of black farmers and small-scale and emerging farmers in agriculture production and across the value chain.

How is the AAMP going to benefit the agricultural sector?

The AAMP will benefit the sector through driving greater equity in access to land and water; ensure growth and transformation in agriculture and in related value chains; unlock greater value in the economy including through local value addition; modernize and enhance competitiveness; enhance access to appropriate technologies; broaden participation by small-scale, emerging, and black farmers; maximize rural livelihoods through promotion of employment-intensive farming and agro-processing; ensure national and household level food security for all in the country; ensure the safety of all people living in rural areas including farm dwellers, farmers and others; and maximise the well-being of all residents in farming areas, including improving the conditions of labour of farm workers.

What does AAMP represents?

Master plan represents an essential step in repositioning the agricultural sector as a critical player in the South African, regional and global markets. It also aims to find the best possible ways to enhance the security of farmers and the well-being of farmworkers. It is not a definitive plan but the beginning of our shared journey to improve the sector.

What will happen to the areas not included at the signing of AAMP?

Areas that are not concluded at the signing of this Master plan will constitute a built-in agenda of the Master plan with outcomes evaluated as part of the review process. The social partners will need to determine the overall shape of the negotiations and the level of ambition, whether new issues, over and above the unfinished business, are introduced. There are various legislation issues and specifics of public-private partnerships and labour regulation. These may require further analysis and new innovative approaches to find practical methods of giving credible expression to labour rights in a wide range of farming units, not to mention the financial difficulties different types of farming units face. By establishing a social compact, the AAMP intends to stimulate growth in the sector, provide greater inclusion, and ensure that work practices modernise and safeguard employees’ well-being.

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