The NAMC Profile

The NAMC was established in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act No. 47 of 1996, as amended by Act No 59 of 1997 and Act No. 52 of 2001. We are a statutory body reporting to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. Our mandate is captured in our four core divisions namely; Agribusiness Development, Agricultural Trusts, Statutory Measures and the Markets and Economic Research Centre (MERC).

The work of the NAMC is aligned to the four strategic objectives as set out in Section 2 of the MAP Act, 1996 namely;

  • to increase market access for all market participants;
  • to promote the efficiency of the marketing of agricultural products;
  • to optimise export earnings from agricultural products; and
  • to enhance the viability of the agricultural sector.


Strategic positioning of agriculture in a dynamic global market.


To provide marketing advisory services to key stakeholders in support of a vibrant agricultural marketing system in South Africa.

We serve through the following initiatives:

  • Development Schemes; to leverage the potential of smallholder agriculture through partnerships, as well as technical assistance and training programmes; and transformation.
  • Industry Trusts; bridging the communication gap between Industry and the Ministry;
  • Statutory Measures; investigating statutory measure applications;
  • Monitoring food prices and inputs costs, as well as value chain, trade and linking farmers to markets research.