Statutory Measures Applicable


There are currently 22 industries that have statutory measures relating to registration, records and returns, and 18 industries that have statutory levies.

IndustryAdministration bodyLevyRecords and returnsRegistration
Citrus ExportedCitrus Growers’ Association
CottonCotton SA
DairyMilk SA
Deciduous fruit HORTGRO
Dried fruitDried Fruit Technical Services
Fynbos (proteas)Cape Flora SA
Maize, Winter cereals, Sorghum and Oilseeds South African Grain Information Service
LucerneNational Lucerne Trust
MacadamiasSouthern African Macadamia Growers’ Association
MilkMilk Producers’ Organisation
MohairMohair SA
OlivesSA Olive
Pecan nutsSA Pecan Producers’ Association
PomegranatesPomegranate Association of South Africa
PorkSA Pork Producers’ Organisation
PotatoesPotatoes SA
Red meatRed Meat Levy Admin
SorghumSorghum Trust
Table grapes SA Table Grape Industry
WineSA Wine Information and Systems; Wine Industry Network of Expertise and Technology, Wines of South Africa and Wine Transformation Unit
Winter cerealsWinter Cereal Trust
SA Cultivar and Technology Agency (SACTA)
WoolCape Wools SA