National Red Meat Development Programme


The Livestock Programme was launched in 2005 by ConMark Trust and as early in its inception the NAMC was intricately involved in the designing of the programme. Its first Custom Feedlot was based in Peddie in the square view of the Amathole district. Back then, the livestock programme was designed with the hopes of communal farmers being able after a certain period lapses come to independently manage the process and system of the feedlot.  Read more

Because of distance and administrative incapacity, with the counsel of Dr. Xolile Ngetu a leading and revered Veterinary the programme moved permanently into the hands of the NAMC. Here, assessment in terms of its socio-economic impact was conducted and based on the outcomes it was found that the livestock programme indeed contributed immensely to communal livestock farmers incomes. Highlight of this plight earnestly begun in 2011 through the hosting of the first Beef Cattle Farming Indaba were both national and provincial government of agriculture and rural development had an opportunity to engage with livestock farmers for the first time. This opened a wave of economic and political interest with the second Indaba in 2012 overwhelming receiving endorsement and supported from the various Xhosa Kingdoms and chiefdoms.

Other provincial kingdoms and chiefdoms started expressing a desire for NRMDP to be established in their areas. This insurmountable demand and pressure from the royal community necessitated the involvement of Rural Development and Land Reform. At the 3rd installment of the Indaba, the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti echoed sounds of a new beginning. In his announcement, the programme would be rolled to other provinces with a 5 year base funding support. The department has committed R240 million.

The programme also works with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development where they supply feed for the animals through CASP. The local municipalities provide land for the establishment of the feedlot and other technical requirements are provided by the Provincial Department of Agriculture. In this way, all levers of government are represented.

Already, marked improvements have been on the horizon with the first Custom Feedlot established outside Eastern Cape in Emhlumayo KZN and in North West. The Minister in his project site visit has already launched two; one in Elliot launched together with President Zuma and the second in Gwalimbomvu. The third launch of the feedlot will be in Dutywa, Sundwane –Eastern Cape on 1 July 2016. Both Minister Nkwinti and Zokwana including the MEC Qoboshiyane will jointly launch the feedlot.