Market Access Programme

This programme aims at increasing market access for smallholder farmers. This programme is divided into three categories, namely: market information, market access and business development support.

The objective of the programme include;

  • Dissemination of market information to the smallholder farmers through radio programmes and farmers day.
  • Facilitate market access for smallholder farmers.
  • Provide business development support to smallholder farmers.

Market Information is the idea of translating available agricultural data into one of the country’s indigenous languages. As a precautionary measure, the NAMC targeted one public radio station Phalaphala FM that caters for people in the Limpopo Province. Every weekday on Tuesday at 4h30 am NAMC presents the latest agricultural news, trends prices and on various commodities. Airtime on radio is free however the NAMC pays for the presenter who compiles and presents to information. This information is broadcast to farmers across the province. The success of the Phalaphala FM initiative has demonstrated the need to also target other SABC radio stations.

Agribusiness Development Division facilitate market access for smallholder farmers. In this programme, buyers are identified followed by smallholder farmers being and clustered to supply the identified markets.  Relevant stakeholders are engaged in order to support the identified smallholder farmers.

Buyers we have engaged in the past include Tiger Brands, Scatters Oils, McCain, Senhora Calistos, Rhodes, amongst others.

Capacity Building Programme

Capacity building programs has been a part of the Agribusiness Development Division since 2008, with activities spanning across various departments. Having recognized the skills deficiencies within the country’s agricultural sector, the ADD has contributed to capacity building efforts by designing and facilitating the delivery of various training programmes through various partnerships and collaborations.  The trainings are demand driven from our development schemes and business linkages projects. As projects expand, more smallholder farmers require skills in order to operate their farms successfully.

The objectives of the Capacity Building programme

  • To equip smallholder famers with knowledge and skills that enables them to successfully compete in the market.

 Projects within the Capacity Building programme

  • AGRIBIZ for Women