Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by marketing of agricultural products and who does it cater for?

The NAMC is administering the MAP Act and in terms of the Act, the NAMC has to advice the Minister regarding the marketing of agricultural products. In other words, the NAMC is mainly involved in marketing policy issues, and not involved in the physical marketing and selling of agricultural products.

Why do you refer to your organisation as a Marketing Council?

The name “Marketing Council” could be misleading, because the NAMC is not involved in the physical marketing and selling of agricultural products, instead, the NAMC is mainly involved in agricultural marketing policies in order to promote the objectives of the MAP Act.

Why is there no Statutory Measures on vegetables?

There is statutory measures on potatoes, but not, for example, on tomatoes or onions. The application for statutory measures is a voluntary process and when industries are ready to apply after they lobbied for support, they could do so.

Why do I have to fill in the Registrar for Directly Affected Groups, what will I benefit?

Directly affected groups, such as consumers, exporters, importers, labour, producers and processors of a specific agricultural commodity, could register with the NAMC as a directly affected group for a specific commodity. It is free of charge. The benefit is that DAGs are kept informed on activities regarding statutory measure applications.

What is a Trust Deed?

A Trust Deed is a legal document that governs the activities of a specific trust. The Minister approved all the Trusts Deeds of agricultural trusts that were established after the deregulation of the former agricultural control boards.

What is the difference between Industry Trusts and Associations?

A trust has a Trust Deed that governs its activities while an association has a constitution that governs its activities.