About Statutory Measures

The purpose of the Statutory Measures Division is to facilitate the process to implement statutory measures in order to promote the efficiency of the marketing of agricultural products.  In support of this goal, the following objectives are pursued:

  • To implement statutory measures in support of the objectives of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.
  • To enable the relevant industries to collect funds to finance important generic functions; and,
  • To enable the relevant industries to collect and disseminate important agricultural information in order to promote growth within the specific industry.

On 4 September 1997, the Minister declared a list of products as agricultural products for the purpose of the MAP Act (Notice No.R.1189 that was promulgated in the Government Gazette of 4 September 1997). All the agricultural products declared as agricultural products for purposes of the MAP Act, could be divided in three section, namely field crop products, horticultural products and livestock products.

Key Programmes

Each programme investigates applications for statutory measures on products allocated to the relevant programme / division.

  • Field crop products;
  • Horticultural products; and
  • Livestock products.


Statutory measures in South Africa

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