Statutory Measures

The purpose of the Statutory Measures Division is to facilitate the process to implement statutory measures in order to promote the efficiency of the marketing of agricultural products.  In support of this goal, the following objectives are pursued:

  • To implement statutory measures in support of the objectives of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.
  • To enable the relevant industries to collect funds to finance important generic functions; and,
  • To enable the relevant industries to collect and disseminate important agricultural information in order to promote growth within the specific industry.


Statutory Measures Applicable

There are currently 22 industries that have statutory measures relating to registration, records and returns, and 18 industries that have statutory levies.

Agricultural Products

For purposes of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (Act No. 47 of 1996), the Minister approved the products declared as agricultural products.

Crop Estimates Liaison Committee

During 1998 the Minister for Agriculture and Land Affairs requested the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) to chair the Crop Estimates Liaison Committee (CELC), who is represented of directly affected groups in the different grain industries.


Latest promulgated Notices applicable in the Horticultural industry

Field Crops

Latest promulgated Notices applicable in the Field crops industries


Latest Promulgated Notices applicable in the Livestock industries

Register of Directly Affected Groups

Annually, the NAMC updates its Register of Directly Affected Groups (DAG’s). for each commodity in the agricultural sector. A directly affected group means any group of persons, which is party to the production, sale, purchase, processing or consumption of an agricultural product and includes labour employed in the production or processing of such a product.

The register is inter alia being used to bring applications for statutory measures, (interventions in the agricultural sector in terms of the MAP Act) to the attention of directly affected groups and to invite such directly affected groups to lodge any objections or representations relating to such a request to the NAMC within a specified time. The viewpoints of directly affected groups are incorporated in the NAMC’s recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development.

Please download the form, fill and email back to Ms Lizette Mellet,




Invitation to directly affected groups in the maize industry

This statutory measure was implemented on 4 June 2008 and continued on 9 September 2011 to lapse on 30 April 2016. On 25 November 2015, the Minister again approved the continuation of the statutory measure, to lapse on 30 April 2020.

Statutory measures Imported chicken products

The applicant for the proposed statutory measures is AMIE, an association founded in 1996, which was established due to a need by meat and poultry importers and exporters, for a mouthpiece to speak on their behalf and to look after the interests of its members.

Fresh Produce Market Monitor

This issue will focus on performance, experiences and developments at the Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town Fresh Produce Markets (FPMs) since April 2016.