Issue 1 – February 2023


The Agricultural Industry Trusts and the Statutory Measures Division have merged into one division, now called the Agricultural Regulatory Measures Division (ARMD). The Agricultural Regulatory Measures (ARM) Publication is a quarterly report that is produced by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) through the Agricultural Regulatory Measures Division. The publication aims to communicate developments around regulations in the agricultural sector, particularly on agricultural trusts, statutory measures and transformation, as they happen in the South African agricultural sector. The ARMD publication also covers the key developments within Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), an organisation that the NAMC hosts in South Africa on a diplomatic status.

The focus of this issue is placed on the following topics:
(i) Ministerial Trustees training on corporate governance and ethics;
(ii) Status of the agricultural industry trust – 2020/21 survey;
(iii) NAMC induction of Ministerial Trustees to the board of the Deciduous Fruit Industry Development Trust and the Oilseeds & Protein Seeds Development Trust;
(iv) New Ministerial trustee appointments;
(v) South African Pecan Nut Association (SAPPA) transformation M&E;
(vi) South African Wine Transformation Unit (SAWITU) transformation M&E;
(vii) Transformation funding through levies and trusts funds – 2020/21 transformation report; and
(viii) Announcement of new employees.

Contributors to this issue:
Mr Ricardo Smith
Ms Cindy Chokoe
Ms Nomantande Yeki
Mr Brian Makhele
Mr Matsobane Mpyana