Leading the way to reorganize the agro sector:

Dr. Ndiadivha Tempia appointed to IBMA Conference Steering Committee for 2023

Are you passionate about the agro sector and finding sustainable solutions for smallholder farmers living in poverty in developing countries? Are you ready to become part of a historical transformation that will lead to a brighter future for millions? If so, make sure to mark your calendars for the International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture (IBMA), which will be held at the Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda, from the 27th to the 29th of March 2023.

This three-day event promises to be a major gathering of industry experts and leaders, with over 40 speakers and 500 participants from around the globe. These include leading government officials, business and agricultural academic experts, leading Agritech companies, researchers, innovators, NGOs, farmers and farmer’s leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups, etc.

The theme of the conference is “Reorganizing the Agro Sector: From Import to Export-oriented Agro Sector and From Agriculture to Agro-industry.” The IBMA was created to enable an open discussion, sharing of ideas and presentation of possible solutions to the pressing agricultural issues faced by developing countries such as lack of business models that can leverage the agro-technologies, funds and other resources that are available in the agricultural sector and to alleviate poverty in these countries.

Taking part in this conference will provide you with an opportunity to meet leading experts in the agro industry,  learn  from their experiences, and establish collaborations with  leaders from all over the world. In turn, you will contribute to discussions that will assist the sector towards job creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable agricultural sector.

Among the key figures at this conference is Dr Ndiadivha Tempia fondly known as “Dr Dee”, who has been appointed to the steering committee of the conference. Dr Dee is the Senior Manager of the Markets and Economic Research Centre (MERC) Division of the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC). The highest qualification she holds is a Doctoral degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Pretoria. Dr Dee will work closely with the scientific team to devise a comprehensive program and manage industry partnerships to ensure the event’s success, leveraging her experience in research and academic environments.

Her role on the scientific committee is to strategize with other members of the scientific team to develop a functional scientific program and to publish conference proceedings; identify moderators and discussants; manage industry involvement and partnerships; develop and implement conflict of interest policies and adjudicate abstracts and prizes.

Also joining the scientific committee is Professor Ikechi Agbugba, an agribusiness activist, university professor and senior advisor in different networking organisations, who will serve as Chairman of the Scientific Committee. Professor Agbugba’s role is to bridge the gap between academia, research, and the international community to drive transformation for long-term sustainable development through knowledge transfer.

IBMA’s conference is an opportunity not-to-be-missed for those seeking to stay informed and network with like-minded individuals. By attending IBMA 2023, you will cement a life-long legacy as part of a movement that will transform the agro sector in your country from poverty to prosperity based on effective business models, not exploitation or charity.

You can learn more about the conference by visiting https://www.ibmaconference.org/.

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About IBMA


The IBMA was created to enable an open discussion and sharing of ideas. This, in the spirit of an open lab and disruptive business models that will allow rapid significant changes that non-developed economies desperately need.

This conference is in honour of the late Prof. Clayton Christenson, who showed how the use of disruptive innovative models could accelerate economic development in any industry including the agro-industry.

IBMA Organisers

This conference is organised by the the Africa Organization of Technology in Agriculture (AOTA), and supported by Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Israeli Embassy in Rwanda and the Rwanda Convention Bureau. It is set to take place at the reputable Kigali Convention Centre from March 27th – 29th 2023.


IBMA 2023 will bring together 500 participants including national delegations and key stakeholders from around the globe. These include leading government officials, business and agricultural academic experts, leading Agritech companies, researchers, innovators, NGOs, farmers and farmer’s leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups, etc