In March 2024, a team of delegates from South Africa and stakeholders working on the Food Systems Transformation in Southern Africa for One Health (FoSTA-Health) actively participated in the Research Week activities hosted at the University of Leeds.

Some of the discussions that were in the spotlight were food systems mapping, research planning, site visits, knowledge sharing, and funding exploration. Delegates included professionals from various sectors, demonstrating a commitment to transformative change in Southern African food systems.

FoSTA Health is a transdisciplinary food systems research project funded by Horizon Europe and Innovate UK and also entered   into an agreement with the Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), which makes it a  collaboration of   partners across Africa and Europe over the next three and half years.

This  initiative  explores the consequences of emergent pathways of transformation in the southern African food systems, with a view to drive One Health focus. The FoSTA project is founded on the understanding that transformative change is needed to address food and nutrition insecurity and other  associated health challenges in southern Africa. In the past,  transformative change in agriculture and food systems  exacerbated social inequalities. To avoid the recurrence of the same challenge,  it is therefore essential that embarking on   transformation processes is  inclusive and equitable. The FoSTA project has its footprints   in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia. In South Africa, the National Agricultural Marketing Council, University of Pretoria  FANRPAN and UK partners are working together on FoSTA – One Health project

FoSTA One Health Commitments and Progress are as follows:

Governance and  Management

The project maintained its commitment to account and be transparent  through active participation in work packages, providing in-country support, and contributing to team meetings.

Capacity Building

A significant milestone has been  achieved through the participation of FoSTA Health stakeholders at the  Research Week hosted at the   University of Leeds from 11-15 March2024. The  event served as a platform for intensive discussions and knowledge exchange, covering various aspects that are crucial to the objectives of the project.

  • Some of the significant milestones accomplished include:
  • Food Systems Mapping and Modelling: In-depth discussions provided insights into the intricate dynamics of food systems, informing strategies for effective intervention and policy formulation.
  • Research Planning: Detailed planning sessions focused on supply chain regulation and trade, essential for enhancing the resilience and sustainability of food systems.
  • Site Visits: Stakeholders had the opportunity to engage with practical demonstrations and research facilities, including visits to the National Pig Centre, food science labs, permaculture trials, and Askham Bryan College. These experiences fostered a deeper understanding of on-the-ground realities and potential interventions.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Postdoctoral presentations and networking dinners facilitated knowledge exchange and collaboration opportunities, fostering a robust research ecosystem.
  • Exploration of Funding Opportunities: Efforts were made to explore potential funding avenues to sustain and scale project activities, ensuring long-term impact and sustainability.

The team of stakeholders from South Africa attending the Research Week in the United Kingdom comprised esteemed professionals and key role players in the agricultural sector.


  • Ziyanda Majokweni -Qwalela from Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment.
  • Kgadi Senyatsi from South African Pork Producers Association.
  • Mirinda Van Kleef from Agricultural Research Council.
  • Nomantande Yeki from National Agricultural Marketing Council.