Mr Elton Jeftas

Managing Director

Mr Jeftas is the managing director of Agribusiness in Sustainable African Plant Products (ASNAPP) and a Farmer. He holds an M.Phil degree in Agricultural Management System from the University of Stellenbosch. His portfolio at ASNAPP includes international research and development, quality assurance of products through the value chain, policy dialogue and environment management of wild harvested products. Mr Jeftas has over 20-year experience in the agricultural sector lobbying and management of grant funding. He sourced a USAID grant for horticulture capacity building in Zambia of $4.5 million over 3 years. Under his leadership, Mr Jeftas, have partnership agreements with Rutgers University of new Jersey for sustainable development of horticulture crops in Zambia for food security income generation and tourism. Mr Jeftas is a director and co-founder of the Defynne wholesale nursery that produces blue berries, apples, and ornamental plants for the agriculture and landscaping industry. Defynne also farms 17 hectares of plums that are exported to EU through a local export. Mr Jeftas is also a member of AFASA in the Western Cape Province. He is the former Project Manager at the Fynbos Division of the ARC-Roodeplaat at Elsenburg in the Western Cape Province.