Mr Happy Mohane

Ministerial Trustee

Mr Mohabe servers in various boards amongst the other is the NAMC Council, Member of Orange River Cellars (ORC); Orange River Tankers (ORT); South African Grain Information Service (SAGIS); and Grain Farmer Development Association (GFADA). Mr Mohane is a founder and Managing Director of Trade Afrika Investment; which is a South African based company that invest in various economic sectors. Prior to establishing his own company, he was employed as a Senior Manager for Agribusiness Development at the National Agricultural Marketing Council. While at the NAMC, Mr Mohane was instrumental in facilitating development schemes such as the Vineyard Development Scheme, Red Meat Development Scheme (now operating as the National Red Meat Development Programme) and business linkages like the Supply Chain Logistics Programme which was funded by the Flemish government. Mr Mohane educational background includes Masters in Commerce Economics from University of Natal, Masters Science Agricultural Economics from University of Pretoria amongst others. Prior to joining the NAMC, he was employed as a Research Specialist at ECI Africa, and was responsible for coordinating the operations of two Joint Regional Trade projects in Angola and Namibia. He brings along vast knowledge in enterprise development; economic development, agriculture, economic analysis, economic infrastructure, business linkages, monitoring and evaluation and development finance. Mr Mohane is also a full-time farmer in the Gauteng Province.