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How does RSA Agriculture contribute or fair to the global economy? What are the breakthrough technologies from RSA agriculture? Internationally, how well positioned and accommodated are South African agricultural products. 

Travellers guide

Travellers should declare all animals, animal products, plants, plant products and other controlled goods at the customs upon arrival in South Africa. This is a mandatory measure that the South African DAFF takes in order to protect the health of humans, animals and plants in its territories.

National Exporter Development Programme

The purpose of the NEDP is to increase exports, particularly of those products and services that add value and contribute to employment and the green economy. The target group is SMMEs, both generally and drawn from the ranks of the previously disadvantaged, while still taking into account the needs of larger potential and established exporters.

Export Trends

Like to Export Dried Fruits

DAFF has prepared a comprehensive step by step approach to export dried fruits...

Fruit Trade Flow July 2018

South Africa's different weather and climatic conditions enable the country...

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