Dried Fruits and Raisins Trade Awareness Webinar

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development in conjunction with the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) hosted a virtual trade awareness workshop on 15 February 2023. It was designed to target emerging dried fruit and raisins producers, traders, agricultural extension officers, and government officials.

A major goal of the webinar was to raise awareness about all critical aspects of the exporter value chain for those interested in participating in exports either directly or indirectly. The topics covered include government incentives (funding) and support measures offered to prospective exporters, as well as the requirements for exporting dried fruits and raisins.


Following Presentation are included in the Zip folder:

  • Presentation 01: Small business development relating to export readiness – SEDA
  • Presentation 02: Export Marketing & Investment Assistance (EMIA) – the dtic
  • Presentation 03:  Trust funds and transformation projects – NAMC
  • Presentation 04: What producers need to know about participating in the export value chain for dried fruit – Hortgro
  • Presentation 05: Successes of integrating raisin producers in the export value chain – Raisins SA
  • Presentation 06: Regulatory food safety and quality requirements and principles to consider for dried fruits and raisins exports – DALRRD -FSQA
  • Presentation 07: What to know in participating in the processing value chain – DALRRD – Agro Processing
  • Presentation 08: Status of SA participation in international trade and international agreements – DALRRD DITP