Food Basket Price Monthly – December 2020

Food Basket Price Monthly Podcast English Version

During November 2020, the nominal cost of the NAMC’s 28-item urban food basket amounted to R973.53 compared to the R955.71 reported during October 2020, resulting in a monthly percentage increase of 1.9%. When compared to November 2019, an annual (y-o-y) percentage increase of 11.9% was observed. In December 2020 fuel prices for both 93 Unleaded Petrol (ULP) and 95ULP decreased by R0.13/ℓ m-o-m to reach R14.26/ℓ and R14.46, respectively, and this represented a decrease of 0.9% m-o-m for both 93ULP and 95ULP. Diesel 500ppm increased by R0.20/ℓ (1.63%) m-o-m to reach R12.45/ℓ on the 2nd of December 2020. The stronger rand towards the end of November to beginning of December has positively affected fuel price recovery per litre. January 2021 expectations: Petrol prices are expected to remain similar to the prices observed during December 2020 for both grades of petrol

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